Screen Brightness And Color Characteristics

Screen brightness and color characteristics

In this Article, you get all the specifications and colors characteristics which we are facing and want to know about color characteristics

We all are used them while editing pictures and adjusting colors on any screen devices like Mobiles, Computers,laptops etc.

So lets learn About them in Brief.

I have mentioned them for only short information and education purpose.

What are Screen Brightness and color characteristics

The factors that affect graduation of reproduce pictures color characteristics and need attention are:

  • Screen Brightness – It is overall or average intensity of illumination and it determine background light level in the reproduces picture. The brightness can be controlled by grid by grid to cathode bias voltage of pictures tube. (Normal value 35V-40V)of grid to cathode bias voltage.
  • Contrast-This is difference in light intensity between  black and white parts of the picture over the average brightness level. Contrast control adjust relationship  between light and dark areas of a screen  is also called picture  control or pix control.
  • Viewing distance– The viewing  distance from TV receiver  should not be too large or too small. The distance varies  from person to person and lie between 3 to 8 times the picture height. While viewing TV small  light should be kept ON to reduce contrast.
  • Luminance or screen brightness– This is amount of light intensity as perceived by the eye regardless of color. In black and white pictures , better lighted parts have more luminance than dark areas.
  • Hue or tint– The color itself is called Hue and depend on the dominant wavelength of light. by adding two or more of primary colors, many hues are produced. For example red  and green added in certain proportions give us yellow. By mixing red and blue in certain proportion ,we obtain magenta  and similarly, by adding blue and green colors in certain proportion we get cyan.thus,red,green,blue, yellow are all hues.
  • Saturation– It represents the purity of color in color characteristics. It is the amount of white light mixed with color. A fully saturated color will have no white light present in it.

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